Enjoy These Classic Games in Apartments for Rent in Ocean County, NJ

This Winter, Have Fun Playing These Classic Games in Apartments for Rent in Ocean County, NJ

The apartments for rent in Ocean County, NJ offer something special to its residents year-round. Summer may be obvious with its proximity to the ocean and Barnegat Bay—and ample opportunity to soak up warm temperatures and take salty and peaceful ocean dips. But sometimes people wonder what they will do to entertain themselves the rest of the year. In the winter months, when the temperatures drop and the urge to go outside dwindles, you can stay active by inviting your friends or family over to Barnegat 67 to host a fantastically fun game night! 

Why Game Night?

The more obvious reasons for hosting game night include the fun and joy that comes along with game play, and the inevitable bonding amongst all the players. Yes, bonding occurs amongst all the players-even your competitors! 

Senior well-being—both mental and physical— lies in being active, engaged, cheerful and stimulated. Whether you choose board games, card games, dice games or any other type of game, you can almost guarantee that there will be activity, engagement, fun and stimulation. 

In fact, according to Capital Senior Living, playing games may “…have major health benefits such as relieving stress and combating memory loss and depression. A British Medical Journal study notes that the risk of dementia was 15 percent lower in board game players than in non-players. Board games can enhance memory formation and help exercise cognitive skills. A lot of games also tend to be low stress and can be calming, helping lower blood pressure. In many instances, games require some coordination and hand dexterity, which can be important for aging adults.”

Hosting game night is also a wonderful way to expand your circle of friends. You can invite neighbors over by word of mouth or post flyers around your apartment building. No need for awkward icebreakers when you are playing games because the games themselves serve as a fun and interactive way to get to know people.

Make game night a routine! You could combine it with a potluck style dinner, or just provide snacks! And you and your gamer friends can rotate who will host at their apartment. Maybe you meet every Friday, or maybe you meet once a month. Whatever works!

Are you itching for the winter months now, so you can host and play game night?!

Setting the Mood for Game Night

Are you wondering how to host the best game night imaginable? Well, if you are still looking for apartments for rent in Ocean County, NJ, you can make the right move by settling into a cozy yet spacious, scenic yet private apartment at Barnegat 67. Do you like hosting game night for just a few close friends? Or perhaps you welcome over the whole family, cousins and all, and want a space with enough room?

Either way, when you are setting the mood for game night, be aware of what games you will provide and how many players are needed for each game. You may need to move some furniture around to have ample room for the more interactive and dynamic games, or you may need to pull up enough chairs around the table for the right board game.

Another important piece to setting the mood for game night is, of course, snacks and beverages! Depending on your guests, you may want to provide beer and wine, or cocktails. If this is a more kid friendly experience, make sure to include hot teas and hot chocolate. You can even set up a fun hot chocolate bar with peppermint stick pieces, marshmallows, whipped cream and all the works. 

In terms of food, there can be a huge range from light snacks like popcorn, chips and nuts, or you can go all out with warm dips, fresh baked goods like brownies and cookies, and maybe even some pizza pies! Snacking and game night go hand in hand, so either way, make sure there is something tasty to munch on. 

To get extra cozy in the winter months, provide blankets and slippers for your guests. Some games take hours to play and you want everyone to be warm and comfortable. Crank up the heater in your apartments for rent in Ocean County, NJ to make sure you’ll all stay cozy! 

Now let’s look at some of the best games to choose from!

Board Games

Monopoly – Perhaps the most classic of them all, this game has you buying property, making money and participating in the world of real estate. Set aside at least a couple hours as this game can be time consuming, yet very fun. 

Clue – Another classic, clue is a murder mystery game that keeps you on your toes! You make educated guesses about who murdered Mr. X, with what weapon, and in what room, all while taking notes to remember the clues from each round. Hopefully you are the first one to guess who committed the crime!

Chess – A strategic game that involves a lot of critical thinking. Can you foresee your opponent’s strategy? This two-player game involves protecting your king while putting your opponent’s king into checkmate. Chess boards can be a work of art, and if you are a true chess devotee, you can have a collection of unique boards with creative pieces. 

Checkers – This two-player classic board game is less complex than chess but just as fun. Skip over your opponent’s pieces on this black and red checkered board so you can collect all their pieces first. 

Backgammon – This is one of the most dated board games to exist! Beat your opponent by being strategic, rolling lucky numbers, and getting all your pieces off the board first.

Mahjong – More of a tile game than a board game, this game is a classic amongst the Chinese culture and the Jewish culture.

Dominos – Another tile game, dominos is an age-old classic around the world. 

Cranium – This is a partner game, so make sure you have an even number of players. This game is a hit for those who want a more dynamic and active game. With different categories that range from drawing, spelling, trivia or acting, this game has you laughing, clapping and having a blast. 

Scrabble – This classic word game is great for those who love word play, reading, or crossword puzzles. It blends creativity with creative thinking as you spell out words and earn points based on each tile and its placement. 

Card Games

Bridge – This strategic partner game requires 4 players divided into two teams of two. Each suit has a ranking and you win by making proper bids and winning tricks.

Gin Rummy – Another brilliant strategy game, collect cards to create sequences and groups to win in this classic. 

UNO – This color and number coded game has its own special deck of cards and is a great game for all ages, and groups of any size. It is an easy game to learn how to play on the spot!

Canasta – Similar to rummy, this card game involves partners, so make sure to have an even number of players.

Texas Hold ‘Em – Can you keep a straight face as you collect cards to match doubles, triples, straights, and flushes? 

Bang! – This wild west themed card game comes with its own unique deck of cards that set the stage for a cowboy shoot off. 

Spades – This partner game involves making bids and playing tricks to score as close as you can to the bid you and your partner originally started with.

Cribbage – This unique card game is often played with a peg and board to help keep track of the 121 points you must earn to win.

Pinochle – Score as many points as possible by collecting and exchanging card combos.

Crazy Eights – To win this fast-paced game, get rid of all your cards first!

Hopefully this list gets your brain juices flowing as you look around for apartments for rent in Ocean County, NJ. Knowing that you want to host game nights will be another factor to keep in mind as you tour different apartment buildings in the area. Is there a nice living room or dining room to set up a game table? Make sure to swing by Barnegat 67, as they have some of the most luxurious apartments for rent in Ocean County, NJ. 

Not only would Barnegat 67 be a great place to host game night, but they also offer other useful amenities such as nearby convenient shopping, a fitness center, a rooftop lounge, and an enjoyable courtyard. Each apartment is modern and designed for comfort and convenience. Since it is a 55+ community, neighbors are friendly and hoping to meet friends and encourage each other to stay active. Once you have settled into the perfect apartment, you can leisurely unpack and start inviting your friends and family over for all the classic card games and board games that await!

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