55 and Over Communities in NJ Celebrate the Holidays

With so many people trying to stay safe during the holiday season this year, celebrating the holidays is no small task. Quarantine rules and social distancing have made it difficult for families to get together, give thanks, and enjoy each other’s company. As Thanksgiving rolls by and the Christmas season approaches, finding outside-the-box ways to show love and appreciation is key. To show those loved ones in 55 and over communities in NJ just how much you care, try a few of these suggestions. At the end of the day, everyone will have a brand new memory of connecting with their family during the holidays. 

Have Virtual Story Time

This year, we may not have the option of sitting around the fire, listening to mom, dad, or grandpa read our holiday favorites. Instead, try Zoom or Skype storytime! Pick a favorite bedtime story and read to each other using your preferred video conferencing app. There’s no reason why you have to miss out on the annual reading of A Christmas Carol, How the Grinch Stole Christmas or The Polar Express. If you don’t have a favorite go-to holiday book, try asking your loved ones for some stories of their own. This time of year is perfect for learning a little more about your family history, how your grandparents met, or your parent’s most treasured holiday memories. 

Schedule Window Visits

When close contact isn’t an option, try penciling in some face-to-face time. We know that social distancing is so important for keeping our loved ones in 55 and older communities in NJ safe. Instead of anything too risky, say hello through their window! This is sure to light up your loved one’s face! Make signs for them or do a fun choreographed dance together. Take your time together to the next level with washable window paint. You can create some artwork for them to admire or write a love note for them to enjoy even after the visit is over. Additionally, what would holiday time be without caroling? Sing them a classic Christmas song! That’s sure to inspire holiday cheer. 

Deliver Care Packages

If you can’t be with your loved ones in person, you can mail them a care package. Fill the package with holiday decorations, tinsel, and more. You can add pictures of the kids, their favorite snack, and perhaps a small gift, such as a photo album or a holiday CD from their favorite artist, or a DVD of their favorite holiday movie. Gift-giving is such a classic part of the holiday season and care packages will help to spread the love at 55 and over communities in NJ during the season. 

Give Virtual Hugs 

As most people are observing social distancing during this time, physical touch has become one of the things we all miss most. While we’ll have to wait to really squeeze-hug those we love until safer times, there are other options. You can help your loved ones set up for more frequent virtual phone calls. Teach them how to use video chat on their smartphones or tablets and set up weekly calls. In other words, talk frequently to them, not just on Thanksgiving or Christmas Day. Tell them about something that made you happy that day, what you ate, or tell them a riddle. Your weekly virtual hugs will become the favorite part of their week. 

Play a Game Online

The virtual options for connecting with those in 55 and over communities in NJ are endless. Playing a game together online is one of our favorites. Perfect for kids, parents, and grandparents to all come together, adding a little competition can make for some real fun. Puzzle, card, strategy, and classic games are all available online to play together! Try a classic game of Scrabble or Go Fish. For an even more engaging way to connect, get on a video chat, and play charades! The winner not only gets bragging rights for your next holiday, but a beautiful memory to keep forever. 

In Sum

The CoVid-19 pandemic has become the biggest hurdle to jump when it comes to getting together with your family. As you prioritize keeping your loved ones safe, some of the suggestions above can guarantee that you connect during the holiday season. The members of your family in 55 and over communities in NJ are sure to appreciate them. If you have loved ones at Barnegat 67, reaching out to them using one of these suggestions might be the best way to show them that you are thinking of them.

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