Food Services for Seniors in Apartments for Rent in Ocean County NJ
apartments for rent in ocean county NJ

Food Services for Seniors in Apartments for Rent in Ocean County NJ

Do you live in one of the apartments for rent in Ocean County, NJ, and require the convenience of food delivery services? Food services are businesses that provide meals prepared outside the home, or deliver grocery or meal kits at your door-step at Barnegat 67.  Due to the pandemic, online food ordering has become more popular because of its convenience, accuracy, and ability to integrate payments. According to research published by NDP Group, online restaurant ordering is growing 300% faster than eat-in orders.

Food services are available in two ways: a meal plan that sends prepared meals to your home or a food delivery service that is more ingredient or grocery oriented. With a food delivery service, you can order pre-portioned meal kits and have them delivered to your door-step.

These services cater to busy professionals, working parents, and of course, seniors living in apartments for rents in Ocean County, NJ.

Why Are Food Services Awesome?

One of the most important advantages of food delivery systems is the health benefits. They deliver nutrition and comfort to people in their own homes. With food delivery services, you get freshly prepared and healthy meals cooked by professionals. Moreover, it’s easy to figure out the precise number of calories consumed at each meal since the meals are preplanned. Also, many food delivery systems for seniors tailor their menus for the health benefits of the elderly.

Going to the grocery store alone can be a great struggle for independent seniors. Also, buying ingredients, preparing, and cooking nutritionally balanced meals can be time-consuming. However, eating poorly has many adverse effects on general health and quality of life. This is even more crucial for seniors with dietary restrictions or special food requirements.

Other advantages of food services for seniors include:

  • A convenient food delivery system
  • You order the food, they deliver, and you enjoy
  • No need to make grocery lists or recollect ingredients
  • Food services are perfect for the elderly that cannot get out of the house due to health issues
  • It reduces loneliness by allowing for face-to-face interaction with the food delivery person.

How Do Food Services Work?

A food delivery service can be through a store, a restaurant, or an independent food delivery company. Customers typically place an order, either through a restaurant, a food ordering company, or the service’s website or phone. Then the delivery person brings the food, drink, or groceries to your home. You may also have the option of contactless delivery.

Customers are often charged a flat rate for delivery. A buyer can either choose to pay online or in person, with cash or card, depending on the delivery company. However, some food services offer free shipping. Grocery stores may also charge more for foods that customers order online for delivery than they charge for the same items in-store. If you’re buying from a restaurant, the delivery service may be provided by a third party, such as Uber Eats.

Food delivery service requires special care and technology to keep the cooked food from dropping, tilting, or getting cold. As such, most services often use hotbags to keep food warm.

What Type of Customers Do Food Services Serve?

Food delivery services cater to specific nutritional diets of their customers. For instance, meal delivery services for seniors differ from other meal delivery services. They must be balanced with the right proportions, low in sodium, and cater to specific diets. A diabetic meal plan may be designed for seniors who are trying to minimize their sugar and calorie intake. Likewise, a Renal diet meal will be suitable for people who need to watch out for their potassium intake.

Other specific diets that food delivery services can deliver to seniors living in apartments for rent in Ocean County, NJ, include:

  • Dairy-free diet
  • Pureed Foods
  • Gluten-sensitive diets
  • Dairy-free diets
  • Vegetarian diet
  • High fiber diet

Options for Food Services

  • Grocery Delivery Services

This aspect of food services entails the delivery of ingredients, in which community-supported agricultural schemes work on a subscription model. Subscribers have a box of vegetables, fish, dairy products, or fish delivered periodically from a local vendor. They collaborate with brick and mortar stores or have their line of grocery items.

Some food services offer weekly grocery services. These types of orders are usually more extensive and more expensive than regular deliveries. This is because they are not to be eaten right away but to replace the food items that you have run out of at home. Buyers often order online, and the service takes at least a day to deliver—though some companies may offer same-day delivery. For perishable items, dry ice is added to keep them fresh.

The list of grocery delivery businesses is massive, with many more springing up in different niches. They offer a variety of various services, form pre-planned, pre-measured family meals, to weekly grocery re-stock.

  • Meal Kit Delivery Services

This is a safe and convenient option to make cooking stress-free for seniors who live on their own. Though typical restaurant food delivery will always be in style, services that deliver the ingredients to create your meal at home are growing in popularity. Ingredient delivery companies offer pre-prep, pre-made meals, and groceries to customers. Some meal kits also have pre-measured ingredients delivered along with recipes.

You’ve probably heard about big-name ingredients delivery services, such as Blue Apron.

Like other meal kit delivery services in the US, Blue Apron delivers fresh ingredients with recipes to your door-step. They offer eight menu choices weekly, including simple pasta, delicious international cuisines, and even a seafood and vegetarian option. Besides, Blue Apron sometimes offers occasional promotions that include a menu from guest celebrity chefs, or recipes that highlight popular travel destinations. The company also provides an optional wine pairing service. Other big names in the meal kits delivery niche include EveryPlate, Home Chef, Peach Dish, Purple Carrot, and Sun Basket.

These food services focus on delivering delicious food and convenience. Once you receive your ingredients, all you have to do is cook. Subscription fees vary, depending on the service you choose. The most important benefit is having the exact amount of ingredients needed for each meal prep. Besides, they ship recipe cards along with the ingredients to make food preparation easier.

  • Prepared Meal Delivery Services

Sometimes, cooking is not an option for older adults who dislike or struggle with cooking. This may be due to physical or health issues, lack of time, or lack of motivation to prepare healthy meals. That is where prepared meal delivery services come in. They are a great option if you want the convenience of having ready meals delivered to you in your apartments for rent. In Ocean County NJ, food delivery services, such as MealPro, Silver Cuisine, MagicKitchen, and more specialize in senior nutrition and specific nutritional needs. From diabetic-friendly meals to heart-healthy, low-sodium, and more, there are several options to choose form. Also, several food services let you order meals a la carte, mix and match menus, or set up plans for complete meals.

Factors to Consider When Selecting a Food Service Option for Seniors

Before choosing a food service for you and your loved ones in apartments for rent in Ocean County, NJ, consider the following:

  • Ability & Desire to Cook: Would you prefer a meal delivery service or a grocery service? Prepared meals that need to be heated up may be a better option for some older adults with mobility and memory issues.
  • Frequency: How frequently do you need to cook? You may alternate between prepared meals and meal kits if you only want to cook a few times a week.
  • Diet Restrictions: Does the food service accommodate your dietary needs? Some food services cater to a specific niche, including vegetarian, diabetic-friendly, or low sodium.
  • Location: It is best to go with services that cover your local area to avoid any issues with delivery.
  • Budget: The cost of these services varies, depending on what they offer. Research the best option that fits your budget before subscribing to a food delivery service.
  • Good fit for seniors: Does the food service offer meal plans specially created for seniors? Companies like Home Bistro, Personal Chef to Go, Magic Kitchen, and Top Chef Meals are some food service providers catering specifically to seniors.
  • Online reviews: To make the right choice, check online for reviews of the service you’re considering before you pay.

In Sum

For most seniors, meal delivery services have become invaluable, especially during the ongoing coronavirus crisis. You get your food ingredients or a meal kit delivered at your door-steps. You don’t have to go to the grocery store or a restaurant. And for seniors that want the convenience of prepared meal delivery, several companies are offering tailored meals that cater to the specific nutritional needs of the elderly. Each box from a meal delivery company combines the efforts of chefs, nutritionists, and grocery shoppers for the convenience of willing home cooks or enthusiastic eaters. Whether weekly menus, pre-portioned ingredients, vegetables, or freshly prepared meals, there are many options to choose from for seniors in apartments for rent in Ocean County, NJ.


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