55 Plus Communities in NJ Have the Best Amenities: Which To Ask For?

Amenities are so important when you are choosing a new place to live. At 55 and over, you’re not just looking for the basic comforts of everyday life. Instead, you might be seeking a community where you can take advantage of above-average amenities. This way you can enjoy the sweeter things in life; recreation, the great outdoors, and fun times in your favorite company. If this describes the type of community you are looking for, asking for the right amenities is key. As you search for your new home, reviewing 55 plus communities in NJ, ask after the following four crucial amenities. They will help you live the life you’ve always dreamed of having. 

#1: Fitness Center

If your health and wellness are priority number one, a fitness center is one amenity that is non-negotiable. At 55 and over, your health and wellness are so important. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle, with regular exercise, can ensure that you continue to live a fun, enjoyable life for a long time. With this resource on-site at your new home, maintaining a well-founded fitness routine will be easy.

If an everyday workout is not your style, you should still consider how often you want to exercise. You may also want to consider what it would be like not to have this amenity so close to home. In other words, consider if traveling to a gym is even an option. Thinking of these issues and keeping your health top of mind while searching for a new place to call home is necessary. 

#2: Lounges & Entertainment Space

If exercising is one of the most important chores for maintaining a healthy lifestyle, then enjoying yourself every single day should be the reward. Entertainment provided by 55 plus communities in each NJ community varies. However, lounges and spaces for entertaining of all kinds should be provided to you. 

For those days without a cloud in the sky, outdoor space for barbeques, parties, and other gatherings is great. Given the typical New Jersey climate throughout the year, additional indoor space for entertainment might be even more important. You’ll want a large, modern living space with room enough for your family and friends. However, you should also consider extra lounges and club spaces within the community. These spaces should be adorned with couches, games, extra cooking space, and more so that you and your loved ones can have a great time! 

#3: Outdoor Living Space

As we mentioned, those beautiful, clear-skied summer days are unbeatable when you’re down the Jersey Shore. If you are choosing a 55 plus community to reside in, especially one that is located close to the beach, outdoor living space is a must. Look for a residence that offers outdoor amenities such as a rooftop lounge and an outdoor courtyard. 

Each 55 plus community is different, however, many offer these outdoor spaces with games like bocce, lounge chairs, firepits, and barbecue grills, a place for dogs to run, and more. Some special communities even offer an outdoor theatre where live entertainment and movie nights can be hosted. Staying outside in beautiful weather with endless options for outdoor entertainment is not just a simple everyday pleasure. It’s also good for your general wellness and overall wellbeing. It can be revitalizing and can turn an okay-average day into an unforgettable one. 

#4: Onsite Management & Maintenance

As a resident of a 55 plus community in NJ, with all of the beautiful amenities listed above, everyday chores are the last thing you want to impede on your good time. That’s why onsite management and building maintenance are some of the most important amenities to inquire about. In the off-chance that something breaks in your apartment, having an on-site landlord and handyman to fix it for you is ideal. Whatever goes wrong can be quickly remedied. This amenity, while not particularly glamorous, is crucial and something that you won’t regret asking about. 

Barnegat 67 & You: Your New Home 

At Barnegat 67, you can expect to live a fulfilling life in a luxurious and convenient community setting. The four-story complex houses luxury rental apartments with more amenities than you can think of. There are beautiful common spaces, retail spaces on the ground floor, restaurants on the property, urgent medical care, and other day-to-day living necessities. As you decide between various 55 plus communities in NJ, reach out to the team at Barnegat 67 to learn more about why our community is right for you. 

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