Senior Living Communities NJ: Tips for Touring & What to Ask

Searching for your new home is no small thing. In this new phase of your life, you want to find an apartment complex that has the right amenities and a community that suits your lifestyle. If you’re wondering how to choose between senior living communities in NJ, we got you covered. In this article, we’re going to give you five helpful tips so you can get the most out of your visits to prospective over 55 communities in New Jersey. Finding the right place is an important decision and we’re here to help you make the right call.

#1: Understand Your Top Priorities

Whenever you choose a new home, it’s important to have your preferences listed out. Before you go on a tour of a senior living community, assess your priorities. You should sit down with your loved one(s) and talk about what you want in your new home. You should discuss location, the style of the living space, important amenities, pricing, and more. Ask yourself what the ideal senior living community looks like and write down the characteristics. Having a baseline will help you know what to look for on tours. By identifying your top priorities, you’ll know what is non-negotiable, which can make your decision easier. 

#2: Talk with the Current Residents

If you’re looking to get a feel for a senior living community as a whole, go straight to the best source of information. In short, talk to the residents. To understand what living in the community is really like, asking the community itself is often the best way to get the full picture. So, you should set aside some time to chat with residents and hear what life in the community is really like. A few important questions to ask can include the following. 

  • What are some of your favorites activities to do here?
  • What do you think about the apartments? Are you comfortable? 
  • Does the management meet your expectations?
  • What do you like most about the community?
  • If you could improve anything about this senior living community, what would it be?

#3: Explore the Premises

Likely, the senior living community has many amenities and areas to explore. As a result, you should make it a point to explore the premises on your own. Envision yourself living in the complex and see if you think it could feel like home. We recommend visiting any ongoing activities or events, walking the grounds, and exploring as the best ways to see what the day-to-day lifestyle is really like. Once the formal tour is over, ask the staff member if you and your loved one can spend a few minutes looking around. 

#4: Visit During an Event or Activity

As we mentioned above, visiting an event or activity that is happening during your tour is a great idea! This can give you a more realistic idea of what the residents and the general attitude of the community are like. You also have the chance to see if any of the activities interest you. Additionally, don’t forget to take a look at the activity calendar when you’re there. It’s important that you live in a space where you can continue to follow your passions. Often in senior living communities, participating in activities and events can be a great way to stay engaged. 

#5: Ask About Safety & Security Measures

While the premises and day-to-day activities are important, the safety and security of the community should be a top concern. When you’re touring senior living communities in NJ, do your safety homework. Ask about grab bars for the restrooms, emergency procedures, and all the details that will make you feel safe in your new home. Remember that if you have any specific safety or security needs, don’t forget to ask the management about how they are handled.

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