Stay Hydrated This Summer for 55 and Over Communities in Barnegat NJ
55 and Over Communities in Barnegat NJ

How to Stay Hydrated This Summer for 55 and Over Communities in Barnegat NJ

Drinking enough water is not nearly as simple as it sounds. Even if you love water, it can be easy to forget to keep drinking throughout the day, leading to dizziness, light-headedness or headaches. It is recommended to drink 48-64 ounces of fluid on a daily basis to avoid dehydration and there is particular concern of dehydration for those 55 and over. Communities in Barnegat, NJ have many citizens over 55 and the humid summers make it especially important to understand why dehydration occurs and how to prevent it.

Being dehydrated is no joke, especially for those 55 and over. Communities in Barnegat NJ, like Barnegat 67, have beautiful outdoor spaces, like the public courtyard and the roof top resident lounge to soak up the sun. More time spent in the sun, however, lends itself to a potentially higher chance of becoming dehydrated.

So firstly, lets understands why adults 55 and over are more prone to dehydration, and then let’s understand how to avoid it.

Why are those 55 and over more prone to dehydration?

There are a few reasons why people over 55 years of age are more susceptible to dehydration.

  • The thirst signal may not be as strong as it used to be.
  • Forgetting to drink enough water throughout the day.
  • Certain medications can be dehydrating.
  • Certain medications and certain health conditions can make it harder to adapt to hot temperatures.
  • Not being able to handle fluctuations in temperature is more common amongst the elderly.
  • Bodies naturally lose moisture as we age. This factor should not be overlooked because it is truly universal and effects all humans.

These are common concerns for those 55 and over. The communities in Barnegat NJ are at higher risk because of the high temperatures and humid air in the region. Therefore, adhering to the following tips of how to stay hydrated is critical.

15 tips for staying hydrated

  1. Drink a glass of water first thing upon waking up. Leave a glass of water on your nightstand so you can sip it down as you slowly wake up from bed. This is a gentle and nice way to kickstart your body into gear for the day. After sleeping for 7+ hours without drinking any water, the body is surely ready for a glass of H20 upon waking.
  2. Rather than taking a sip of water to swallow any medication, accompany each medication with a full glass of water. This is a really easy way to get some extra ounces of water in your system, since you are already drinking a little bit.
  3. It is a common complaint to not really enjoy the taste of water, or just not be inspired and excited to drink a lot of it. There is a really easy solution to this. The 55 and over communities in Barnegat NJ, namely Barnegat 67, are conveniently located very close to shopping, dining, and grocery stores. Buy yourself a pitcher that you can place some organic lemon or lime slices in, some mixed berries, or some cucumber slices, and fill it with water. Keep this in your fridge and switch out the fruit every couple days to keep it fresh. This will add a subtle yet delicious flavor to your water and make you excited to drink more. Keeping the pitcher in the fridge will be particularly refreshing on those hot summer days.
  4. Drink a glass of water at each meal. While you are already seated for breakfast, lunch, or dinner, make sure to have at least one glass of water with your food. Often food, especially salty food, will ignite your thirst, so it is a great time to take advantage of that thirst and get more fluids in. Leave a pitcher on the table for convenient refills.
  5. Other than lightly infused waters, you can try hydrating, non-caffeinated herbal teas. These herbs, namely one called marshmallow root, are delicious and incredibly soothing to your body. The texture of marshmallow root tea is mucilaginous and really coats your mouth and throat with long lasting hydration. To make this tea you can place about a tablespoon or two of the dried marshmallow root in the bottom of a jar. Fill the jar up with room temperature or cool water, cover it, and place it in your fridge. Strain a little bit of the tea out into a cup and enjoy a couple times a day. Another benefit of this tea is that it can aid in constipation. Many teas, especially the more traditional tea like black or green tea, are diuretic, causing more frequent urination which can be dehydrating. So be sure to seek out marshmallow root.
  6. Choose indoor activities during the hottest days of the summer. While it is a great habit to get outside and be active, it is not absolutely necessary every day. On record hot days there really is no need to risk dehydration, sunburn, or heatstroke. The 55 and over communities in Barnegat NJ that live in Barnegat 67 have wonderful indoor options. From the indoor fitness center, to the indoor club room, there are many spaces to enjoy besides your comfortable and well-equipped residence.
  7. Another reason some find it difficult to stay hydrated is because of the temperature of the water. This varies person to person. Some really enjoy ice cold water, some prefer tepid water, and others enjoy warm—or even hot—water. Play around with sipping water at different temperatures to see what your body most readily enjoys.
  8. Do you often just simply forget to drink enough water throughout the day? Set a reminder on an alarm clock or on your phone for up to 3 times a day.
  9. Invest in a reusable water bottle. The more convenient it is to drink water, the more likely you are to do it. Going on a walk with a water bottle means the bottle is less heavy when it is empty. So drink up!
  10. Invest in a set of reusable straws. Interestingly enough, many people find that they drink more water when it is through a straw. This trick could work for you and it is certainly worth trying.
  11. Incorporate electrolytes. Water is of course the best drink to hydrate with, but a water enhanced with electrolytes can be especially helpful for those who are already a bit dehydrated, sweating a lot, or in hot weather. There are many options for electrolyte drinks, so try out a few and see what flavors you enjoy most. Coconut water can be a delicious and extra hydrating beverage of choice.
  12. Avoid going outside during the peak hours of heat. Often this window is between 10am and 2pm. The sun is generally the strongest and this means you are more prone to losing fluid through sweat and to overheating. While sweating is good in moderation, too much sweating contributes to dehydration. Get your fresh air and sunshine earlier in the morning or early in the evening for cooler and more enjoyable temperatures.
  13. Take advantage of water fountains and water dispensers. Many stores, restaurants and public spaces have water fountains. Let these be a reminder to take in a few sips or to refill your water bottle.
  14. Dress properly for outdoor adventures in the heat. Wear a hat to protect your face from the sun. And wear lightweight long sleeves and pants so that your body can properly cool itself off.
  15. Take your activity level into account. Days that you are more active, like a day of exercising or walking, will require more water. Though days of relaxing and resting still require ample water. The target amount of fluids is 48-64 ounces. The amount varies based not only on activity level but also on your body weight.

Hopefully these 15 tips are practical and convenient ways to increase your amount of fluid intake. Extreme dehydration can lead to death, but even mild dehydration can lead to many uncomfortable health conditions such as headaches, constipation, difficulty sleeping, dry skin, dry eyes, and more. Dehydration does not need to be a medical concern for you if you follow these tips and make drinking water something you enjoy!

The 55 and over communities in Barnegat NJ are lucky to have Barnegat 67 as a residence option. Not only can Barnegat 67 boast a clean and efficient air conditioning system, and indoor social spaces, they also have retail spaces on the ground floor of the complex that provide quick and convenient access to a selection of quality shops and restaurants, urgent medical care, and other day-to-day living needs. At Barnegat 67, residents can expect a fulfilling, luxurious, and convenient community lifestyle.

The summer months are some of the favorite amongst its residents, with beautiful spaces to enjoy the fresh air and warm weather. Feel free to contact Barnegat 67 to learn more about their available units.


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