Before packing your bags, there are a few things that people searching for an over 55 community should consider. First, think about the different types of active adult communities, such as age-restricted active adult communities, active lifestyle communities that do not have an age requirement, and senior living communities that often provide residents with medical care. With these options in mind, you’ll realize that not all over 55 communities in south Jersey are created equal. In other words, finding the right active retirement community for your lifestyle can make all the difference. When vetting your next home, you should ask yourself some of the following questions. This way you will find a home that is best-suited to the way you live your life. 

#1: What is my budget?

The first thing that comes to mind with homebuyers of retirement age is usually money. Determining what your retirement budget looks like will help you decide the style of home you should look for. This, in turn, will dictate the community you want to live in, and the location of that community, whether it be near the beach, in the suburbs, or somewhere in between.

There is no right or wrong way to begin retirement, however, considering your budget is especially important if you plan to purchase a home. According to U.S. News, moving to a place with a lower cost of living can improve your retirement finances. If you sell a home in an expensive city and buy or rent in another city with more reasonable housing costs, you may be able to boost your retirement savings, retire sooner or enjoy a higher quality of life. Depending on your financial goals and limitations, the community you choose should not only have a home that meets all your physical needs but your financial ones, too. 

#2: Will I need to be near any specific healthcare resources?

When vetting over 55 communities in south Jersey, consider your healthcare needs second. Access to quality healthcare may be necessary to ensure that you are 100% comfortable in your new home. In other words, you should look for a community that is close to a variety of medical centers if you have specific medical requirements. If you are concerned about being close to medical centers and facilities, you should take a closer look at the community’s surrounding area. This way, you can seek out the best places to retire for your specific medical conditions. 

Consider how often you may need to go to a medical facility. You may also want to think about whether a senior living community makes more sense for your medical needs. Thinking of these issues and keeping your health top of mind while searching for a new home is crucial. It will help you to decide whether or not living close to healthcare providers is important to you.

#3: What kind of style home am I looking for?

Next, you should consider the type of home that best suits your lifestyle. Many over 55 communities in south Jersey offer different home types, including condominiums, single-family homes, or attached homes. Other active adult communities have exclusively one kind of home. If you want options or aren’t sure which will accommodate your needs, consider a community that has all the options. 

Some questions to consider when thinking about what kind of home you may need might be:

  • How much space will I need to be comfortable? 
  • Am I looking for a low-maintenance home? 
  • Do I want neighbors in my building or next door?
  • Am I living alone or with others?

Considering your space needs, the style of living you are looking for, and the circumstances of your living situation will help you. If you are looking for a part-time home, a place to travel to during colder months, for example, consider something smaller. A condominium that doesn’t require day-to-day maintenance might be ideal. If you are moving with a significant other or family member, you should find a home with more storage and general living space. If you are searching for something in-between, an attached townhouse might make the most sense.

#4: What kind of amenities will I need to be happy and comfortable?

Finally, consider the amenities that you’ll want 24/7 access to in our new home. Some communities offer unique amenities, social clubs, and various services that draw many active adult homebuyers in. Others, however, do not feature these amenities and therefore, might not allow for the kind of lifestyle you want. That said, homebuyers looking to purchase a new home in an active over 55 community should consider this. 

Typical amenities can include a clubhouse, fitness center, pool and patio, and various sports courts and equipment. Some communities have more specific amenities such as a golf course, woodworking classes, restaurants, a day spa, continuing education resources, and more.

Another aspect of over 55 living to consider is the use of social clubs. Some active adult communities have a lifestyle director who is in charge of organizing events for residents. Others do not promote social connection this way. Ask yourself if you want a community that has a long list of clubs and gatherings in which you can participate. If you are more interested in focusing on how to retire independently, look for those communities that accommodate that choice. 

The Best of Over 55 Communities in South Jersey: Barnegat 67 & You

With these questions in mind, consider Barnegat 67 as you vet over 55 communities in south Jersey. It is a new active adult rental complex in historic Barnegat, New Jersey. The four-story complex houses luxury rental apartments with beautiful common spaces, retail spaces on the ground floor, restaurants on the property, urgent medical care, and other day-to-day living needs. At Barnegat 67, expect a fulfilling and luxurious convenient, community lifestyle. Contact us! 

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