The Delights of a Companion Animal for 55 Plus in Apartments in NJ
55 plus in apartments in NJ

The Delights of a Companion Animal for 55 Plus in Apartments in NJ

This is why we highly recommend prioritizing somewhere that is pet friendly when you are looking for the right residence to settle into. Barnegat 67, for example, knows that the health and happiness of its primary residents – those that are 55 plus in apartments in NJ – is non-negotiable. What do they do to prove their commitment to its residences’ contentment? They are one of the few pet-friendly apartments with tip-top amenities.

Benefits to companion animals for those 55 plus in apartments in NJ

Love & warmth = What could be more valuable than love and warmth? Having a companion animal comes along with feelings of connection and contentment. It is an undeniable yet inexplicable part of companion animals, and perhaps the most precious reason to consider a pet.

Decrease loneliness and depression = Having another living being in your pet-friendly apartment will surely help to combat feelings of loneliness. Hearing their sounds, feeling their fur or skin, and having an animal to talk to is good for the soul. It will brighten up your days and give you something to look forward to.

Improve cardiovascular health = Studies have found significant improvement in cardiovascular health for pet owners. Not only will your mood be enhanced by a companion animal, but your physical health too. Heart rate, blood pressure, and even plasma cholesterol have been shown to decrease for pet-owners.

Reduce stress and anxiety = It goes without say that a loving relationship will help to curb stress and anxiety. According to the article, The Health Benefits of Companion Animals, Pet interaction, whether active or passive, tends to lower anxiety levels in subjects, and thus decrease the onset, severity, or progression of stress-related conditions. Furthermore, it is thought that the reduction in blood pressure achieved through dog ownership can be equal to the reduction achieved by changing to a low salt diet or cutting down on alcohol. Pet ownership and other animal contact, such as petting animals and watching fish in an aquarium, have specifically been demonstrated to provide cardiovascular benefits.

Offer a sense of security = Some animals, particularly dogs, make people feel more safe and secure in their home because of the protective and loyal nature of a dog. Some apartments, such as Barnegat 67, have top of the line security where you won’t need a dog to feel safe. Still, a dog provides phycological sense of safety. Hearing a bark, or seeing an animal stir when someone is approaching, can be helpful no matter what.

Offer a sense of responsibility and purpose = Having an animal to care for brings a sense of purpose and responsibility. It is healthy for the mind to stay active and to think of others’ well-being. Having a schedule to stay on track with feedings, cleanings, and perhaps walking if you have a dog as a companion animal, will keep you from being bored and antsy.

Fewer doctors’ visits per year = Studies have shown that those with pets, compared to those without pets, have fewer annual visits to their doctors. Less doctor visits per year likely means over all feelings of better health. This comes as no surprise considering stress is reduced and happiness is high, which have a direct effect on physical health. Fewer visits to the doctor translate to saving both money and time.

A sense of community with other pet owners = Another irreplaceable benefit of having a companion animal is the larger community that comes along with it. Other pet owners naturally gravitate towards one another, whether it is for play dates for their pets— or even just because they simply have more to talk about. Seeking advice from other pet owners will bring community and friendship. Additionally, if you have a companion animal, and your neighbor or friend doesn’t, you will be able to share the joy of your pet with your greater community.

Increased exercise = There is a positive correlation between pet-owners and exercise. If your companion animal is a dog, you will be taking your dog on walks. But even for other pets, the associated maintenance, errands to buy food, and necessary play time with your animal, will bring healthy amounts of mobility and exercise.

Different types of companion animals

When most people think of a companion animal, their first thought is a dog. While dogs are very common companion animals, there are actually quite a few options! Barnegat 67 is pet-friendly – not just dog friendly. You will have many options as a resident in their complex. Animals to consider include:

Dogs – Of all the pet options, many would say dogs offer the most affection and charm. They have been bred to be “man’s best friend” and they show this through loyalty, protection, cuddles, and charm. They also offer a sense of security and safety as they are protective by nature. Additionally, many dogs require walks and physical activity. This may be a wonderful way to get you outside each day and move your body – or it may be too much of a commitment or burden. There are hundreds of dog breeds, each offering different benefits and requiring different needs. It is important to know what you want out of a companion dog so you can be matched to the right breed. Keep in mind that a puppy can be quite challenging to train on your own. Seeking an older dog that has already been trained, or hiring a trainer may be a good approach.

Cats – Cats are a wonderful option for those with less mobility, or those who want a bit less responsibility. By nature, cats are very independent. They are also entertaining, and provide warmth, laughter, and love for their owners. Litter box maintenance, feeding them twice a day, and playing with them with their favorite toys make up most of your responsibilities. Cats do shed, so it is important to know if you have any allergies before introducing them into your home.
Rabbits / Bunnies – Rabbits are good pets because they are light weight, don’t take up too much space, and they are great at cuddling. They are fun and adorable and can bring low maintenance joy. Their soft fur is soothing on fragile skin. Some varieties are smaller than others, making them the perfect pet for apartment living.

Fish – Watching fish in a fish tank is an incredibly relaxing past time. The soothing sounds of water, and the cheery bright colors of their scales can set a peaceful ambiance in the apartment. You can go the route of fresh water or salt water for fish tanks. Each habitat is very different and has different maintenance requirements. While both will add a stunning ambiance to the room, a freshwater tropical aquarium is probably a better choice for beginners. Saltwater tanks are a bit more high maintenance and have higher costs involved. Though the rewards from a salt water tank, like having coral reef habitats, can turn into a true life-long hobby. You may need help installing a fish tank, but a small fish bowl can be quite simple. You’ll need to feed the fish daily, and clean out their tanks or bowls regularly.

Birds – Surprisingly, birds are a popular choice for those 55 plus in apartments in NJ. Breeds like zebra finches and canaries are small birds that bring a lot of joy and comfort through their calming and pleasant chirping sounds. For those that do not like the sound of silence, a bird’s gentle chirp can bring peace and a bit of nature right into the home.

Reptiles / Amphibians – Though not usually considered a pet for those 55 plus, a reptile can be a great pet for an apartment. Geckos, in particular, do not take up much space and are low maintenance. They are entertaining and interesting animals. They require a warmed terrarium with pretty scenery and decor, making their habitat pleasing to the eye.

For those that are 55 plus in apartments in NJ, Barnegat 67 is THE spot for pet-owners

With so much science backing the many benefits to having a pet, it is such a relief to know that top-of-the-line dog friendly apartments exist. Barnegat 67 will not only provide a comfortable and leisurely living experience for you, but for your pet as well. With a dog run on the roof, and easily accessible dog walking paths, your dogs will have plenty of space to stretch and move their bodies.

Each beautifully furnished residence has upgraded LVT flooring and in-unit washer dryers for easy cleanup from any pet. Located near numerous shops and businesses, you will have a convenient veterinarian and pet shop for all of your pet’s needs. Barnegat’s pet friendly nature does not come at the expense of other amenities – they also have a beautiful rooftop resident lounge, a fitness center, indoor club-room, and a perfectly convenient location.

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