Spruce up your Apartments in Barnegat with Holiday Cheer!
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Spruce up your Apartments in Barnegat with Wintry Interior Design & Holiday Cheer!

Winter is upon us and with it comes all the cozy warmth of the holidays! It’s always fun to spruce up your space, and what better excuse than a new season? These holidays, maybe you want to try something a bit different. Consider incorporating traditional seasonal cheer with a modern interior design that reflects the winter season—and the times! Or mix and match to your own taste to create your own winter paradise in your apartments in Barnegat 67! Whatever you do, have fun with it, and make sure it feels good to you!

Here are a few ideas you might want to consider:


Minimalism is one of the hottest trends in modern interior design. It keeps a space fresh and open, allowing the mind to relax. To make your winter interior design minimalistic, keep the decorations (which we’ll get to below!) simple and elegant. 

The idea is to avoid a sense of clutter and instead focus on the white space—the empty, open space. Focusing on the empty space as much as the filled space (or even more) will make each and every item of furniture and decor pop. 

Wintry Colors

Modern, minimalistic, wintry colors include lots of whites and grays with pops of color throughout. The whites and grays reflect the wintery outdoors. It can be reminiscent of snow, ice, and gray skies. The pops of color will warm and brighten the vibe. 

You could go in a few directions for a pop of color. Perhaps you want to add warm colors: reds and oranges bring in the feeling of a toasty fire and warm, glowing coals.  Or, perhaps you prefer to remind yourself of the fresh colors of spring, to fend off the winter blues. Fresh

, bright greens can be a great option, if this is your desire. Or, you could use a darker shade of evergreen green, to remind you of a wintry forest. 

If what you want is sophisticated elegance, consider whites with golds and silvers. You can incorporate this into your interior decorating on

apartments in barnegat

 a large scale, or make it small. Perhaps you simply set your holiday table with a silky white table cloth, dripping silver candles and gold ornaments.  

Neutral colors are also popular now—think tan, beige, and chestnut. They are a warmer alternative to whites and grays, and like the whites and grays, will make the greens—or other color of choice—pop. 

Go Natural

Speaking of neutral colors, another very popular interior design trend, in addition to minimalism, is “going natural.” From natural colors to natural fibers—any natural elements will do. This can include anything from bringing plants into your home, to rustic wood furniture.

To go natural in the winter, an obvious incorporation could be a Christmas tree! Poinsettia, holly, wreaths, and garlands are other common Christmas plants. You can also incorporate wood to create a ski lodge feel. Using big logs as coffee or end tables, for example, is a way to bring nature inside. You could also use pinecones or pretty dried leaf and grass arrangements. Baskets filled with evergreen and deer antlers will bring nature inside, and make your home feel like a mountain cabin. You could even incorporate sheep fur rugs! 


Speaking of sheep rugs, one sure way to instantly make a space feel cozy is to layer up the textiles! Think rugs, curtains, pillows and blankets. Sheep rugs and fuzzy rugs don’t just look great—they warm up your feet and fill the space with warmth! Add some velvet curtains to give a lush, winter feel. And nothing is more inviting than a cozy blanket—think cashmere.

Textures are great, as they add depth and contrast. Blankets with a thick weave, luscious silks or cozy faux fur are all great options. From plaids to knits, textiles are the real nesting material for wintry nights. 

Holiday Lighting

The winter season evokes images of stars twinkling and flickering candles reflected on snow. Inside, the warm fireplaces and glowing red coals add radiance to winter musings. One thing for sure, winter decorating is all about light.  apartments in barnegat

Twinkle lights 

White twinkle lights reflect an icicle paradise. They reflect the twinkling stars, so clear in the crisp winter air. Or, perhaps you want the more colorful twinkle lights which can evoke a more festive, Santa’s workshop kind of feel. Whatever color, size or speed of twinkle the lights you choose for decorating your apartments in Barnegat, one thing is certain: twinkle lights are an absolute holiday classic that never goes out of style. So have some fun, and bring on the twinkle lights!

Vintage lights

For something a bit different, incorporate vintage lightbulbs to add another kind of ambiance to your space. These exposed filament bulbs that are designed to replicate the original Edison bulb are trending today thanks to the antique look and the candle-like quality of the light they provide. They can also be incorporated into a winter styling thanks to that same flattering, amber glow. With a nod to history, these lights don’t just add ambiance, they add nostalgia to your holiday theme. They will look great with plush velvet textiles and exposed wood. 


To save on the energy usage of bulbs, just think candles. Not only do they save energy, they add an absolute classic look to any space. Think long tapered white candles for effortless elegance, or a thick sturdy pillar candle surrounded with pinecones for an earthy, nature look. Ball candles look like snowballs on your holiday table or little tea candles placed around create a winter fairy tale effect. 

The Scent of the Season

Involve all the senses when you’re decorating—not just the visual! For example, just as textures speak to our sense of touch, appealing to our sense of smell really brings us into the moment. Our sense of smell is deeply linked to memory and can be one of the most comforting sensations. 

What better time to draw out memory and comfort than the holidays? 

Therefore, think of ways to make your home smell like winter. An especially fragrant Christmas tree is one option. You could also hang garlands of cedar, pine or other fragrant evergreens. Or, for something a bit different, use garlands of in season citrus! Slices of orange and lemon, strung up are not only beautiful, but they will waft delightful scents through the home. 

You could also incorporate scented candles. Candles, as mentioned above, add that extra warmth from the flickering flame. Incense is another option—it will add scent along with a beautiful thread of smoke to gaze upon.  A holiday simmer pot full of oranges, cinnamon and pine needles, is another cozy way to scent your home—and it will add some humidity to the dry winter season air too! 

When considering which fragrance you want to “decorate” your home with, think of warming spices like cinnamon and clove. Think of evergreen forests that waft the fresh smell of fir and cedar. All these smells will evoke a deep warm sensation, transforming your apartments in Barnegat to a cozy cave in a winter wonderland.  

Deck the Halls!apartments in barnegat

This is the fun part: incorporating all the trinkets, the thingumabobs, and whatsits. That is, wreaths, ornaments, and stockings! Deck the halls of your apartments in Barnegat and feel the cheer.

You can approach this in a few ways—from minimalistic to classic elegant, to full on, no-excuses flashy. Whatever you do, having some vision for the overall theme will help to make it look cohesive, instead of chaotic.  

For a minimalistic theme, perhaps you just have a simple, unadorned garland, or a tree with only a few, select ornaments. A few simple stockings hanging can really add charm to your space. Or maybe cut out some snowflakes to hang about in tasteful and sweet simplicity. 

If you want to really ramp up the glamour, think of glittering baubles hanging and sparkly garlands strung through tree and home. You could spray paint some pine cones gold and silver to bring out the brilliance in even the most modest decoration!

For a classic look, red and white poinsettias are festive while adding a nice bit of nature. A wreath with pine cones and winter berries hung on the door is a wonderful welcome home every day. 

Or, for a more funky, retro look, a colorful wreath of old Christmas light bulbs is both a good way to recycle—and fun! And after all, whatever theme you choose to decorate your apartments in Barnegat 67, the key is to have fun. 

Get creative and let inspiration move you to create the wintery homeland wonderland of your dreams!

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