Best Golf Courses Close to Barnegat 67 Senior Apartments in New Jersey
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Best Golf Courses Close to Barnegat 67 Senior Apartments in New Jersey

Even for those unaware about golf news –or sports in general- it is almost impossible to have missed how Tiger Woods triumphantly won his 18th Masters at Augusta National Golf Club this last April. Some say it has been the greatest comeback in the history of sports. If you’re one of the lucky people enjoying a relaxing life at Barnegat 67, the best senior apartments in New Jersey, you may have been wondering if golf is for you.

There’s a certain appeal to the sport: the elegance of the movements, the beautiful landscape in which it’s played—even the outfits are pretty great. Of course, there’s plenty of physicality and other benefits to playing golf of which you may or may not be aware.

Benefits of Golf

Improved Concentration

Golf goes a step further than other sports when it comes to focus and concentration. Players need to remain focused for hours when playing long games. They must consider the obstacles, the size of the bunkers, and the weather conditions, just to name a few. With all of the variables to consider, everyday problems vanish. Even the fact that one has to be silent during swings can help decompress some of the stress that can accumulate during the week.

Enhanced Physical Condition

Hardly anything beats the calming life that reigns over Barnegat 67, senior apartments in New Jersey. Nonetheless, you probably still want to get out and enjoy some physical activities under the open sky. Golf is wonderful because it doesn’t demand you stress your joints and it improves your muscle tone and blood circulation. Golfers travel from 7 to 10 km per game (that is from 4.4 to 6.2 miles), meaning you get a good amount of movement and circulation. Also, the swing itself works many of your muscles, including those located in your abdomen, back and arms.

Longer Life Expectancy

According to recent studies, golfers live an average of 5 years longer when compared to the rest of the population. This may have something to do with the fact that basically anyone can practice, making it ideal for every age range. Studies also show that golf promotes the stimulation of creativity in our brains. An active, healthy brain is the first step to a long, happy life. It all starts in the mind.

Social Relations

In addition to the physical advantages of practicing golf—or any sport for that matter—is the innate social aspect. Meeting interesting people, playing together, and exchanging tips is a given when playing golf.

The fantastic thing about living in one of the top senior apartments in New Jersey is that many excellent golf courses are at a close distance. But before naming a few of them, let us remind you of New Jersey’s own love affair with Golf.

A History of Golf in New Jersey

The state has a rich Golf history that dates back to the late 19th century. From upscale country clubs to nine-hole executive courses—they’ve all found a home in New Jersey. It did not matter if the game was played between brothers—with nothing more to risk than a couple of soda pops afterward—or if the state hosted a major championship, golf has been a beloved sport of the Garden State for generations.

Here are some of the most memorable golf moments that took place in New Jersey, some of which redefined the whole concept of the Sport:


  • 1937 New Jersey Open

Years before Americans had to even worry about WWII, New Jersey golf reached a golden age with plenty of high-class players spending their time playing in the state. In the 1937 New Jersey Open, the state’s native Vic Ghezzi defeated Craig Wood in an 18-hole playoff. In 1941 the two of them ruled the sport with Ghezzi winning the PGA Championship and Wood taking a victory at the Masters.


  • 1942 PGA Championship

When the looming threat of war and hunger spread through American territory, sports took a backseat over the battle in Europe. The 1942 tournament was the last major one to be played until the PGA Championship held in 1944. The Bay Course at Seaview Country Club hosted Sam Snead, who defeated Jim Turnesa and won the first of his many significant championships. Both Snead and Turnesa joined the Navy and Army, respectively after the tournament.


  • The 1967 U.S. Open

The 1967 US Open was the final major championship for Ben Hogan, who finished

Number 34 at age 54. This was a historically meaningful tournament for other reasons, as well. Jack Nicklaus won the seventh of his still-standing record of 18 major championships. He beat Arnold Palmer by four shots; this was Palmer’s fourth runner-up finish in this tournament.


  • 2006 PGA Championship

Few golfers have been able to connect with crowds like Philip Mickelson, a.k.a. Lefty. Indeed, it was at Baltusrol, during the PGA Championship, when the spectators roared and cheered for him after he made a hard flop shot from deep rough alongside the 18th hole. He made it look easy, but by putting the ball within two feet of the cup, he proved his real value by securing his second major title.

The anecdotes could go on forever, as there have been many unforgettable moments in New Jersey golfing history. Like when Plainfield Country Club hosted the Barclays Classic in 2011, and Mother Nature dominated the event: Hurricane Irene shorted the 54-holes event, and Dustin Johnson was eventually named the winner. It was not N.J.’s finest golf moment. The beauty of Golf resides precisely in the fact that you do not need to have a perfect game to have fun and being at the mercy of nature only adds to the fun and adventure.

If you’re living in one of the senior apartments in New Jersey, there are plenty of golf courses nearby for you to venture into and create your own memories. Here’s a short sample of golf courses among the best in the state that experts recommend:

Golf Courses in New Jersey

  • Ocean County Golf Course

The 18-hole “Ocean County” golf course features 3,916 yards of golf from the longest tees for a par of 60. It was designed by Hal C. Purdy and opened in 1990. It is rated at 59.4 and has a slope rating of 98. The slope rating of a golf course is a measure of its difficulty for bogey golfers, and the Course Rating is an evaluation of the difficulty of a golf course for scratch golfers. If you are not familiarized with golf lingo, do not worry, practice makes perfect. (You can see why golf promotes the healthy use of a brain, right?) Reviewers and players state that this course offers beautiful scenery and can be quite challenging due to the tight fairways and small greens. This course is perfect for experienced players or for those who love a good challenge.

Distance from Barnegat 67 : 22 minutes driving.


  • Sea Oaks Golf Club

This course combines two of the essentials of an excellent golf club: a breathtaking 18-hole championship course and the most exceptional country club amenities. Spectacularly designed by Ray Hearn, the 163 pristine acres of natural terrain will unquestionably take your breath away. The course pays tribute to Hearn’s acclaimed talent for merging natural landscape and features of the region creatively. To enhance your golfing experience, there’s an elegant 35,000 square-foot clubhouse with friendly staffers ready to make your stay more pleasurable.

Distance from Barnegat 67: 18 minutes driving.


  • Eagle Ridge Golf Club

Beautiful landscape and luscious natural pines will make it hard to believe you are playing in Central Jersey. This club encompasses a 27-hole championship golf course and has been voted The Best in Ocean County; located a few minutes away from Jersey Shore. The club excels at hosting private, corporate, and civic golf events for charitable purposes or otherwise. After completing an 18-hole round, you may want to relax and pick a pint of ale in the recently remodeled Eagles Nest. Even though there may be closer courses to the senior apartments, New Jersey’s most prominent golf course will make worth the driving.

Distance from Barnegat 67: 32 minutes driving.


  • Cedar Creek Golf Course

Set on the north side of Cedar Creek, just on Veteran’s Park, Berkley Township proudly offers a spectacularly scenic golf course. The 6,065 yard course features narrow fairways surrounded by Pine trees. The back nine is located nearside three lakes with hilly terrain. To top off the fun—and fantastic scenery—the 18th tee is located on one of the tallest points in Ocean County and overlooks two lakes towards Lacey Township. The club also features a practice area, club rentals, and a Pro Shop.

Distance from Barnegat 67: 19 minutes driving.


Golf fees depend on several factors: the day of the week, the time of the day, special events, and other applicable club policies. Many golf courses offer discounts for seniors, veterans, and YMCA members—and almost every rate includes a shared golf car. Walking is permitted and even encouraged on particularly nice days, weather-wise. An average 18-hole can range from $25 to $85. It’s always a good idea to call beforehand to check on pricing and reserving is always a smart too.

Golfing may be one of those things you always had in mind or were curious about but never got the chance to experience. Now that you are enjoying a tranquil stay in the best senior apartments in New Jersey, the perfect opportunity has arrived. Grab your spouse or a couple of friends to hit the “carpet,” avoid the “beach,” “ace” the swing, and score your first “birdie!”


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