Dream Spas and Retreats for 55 Plus Communities in Ocean County NJ
55 Plus Communities in Ocean County NJ

Dream Spas and Retreats for 55 Plus Communities in Ocean County, NJ

Relaxation, leisure, indulgence, reflection, new hobbies, and even adventure can all be a part of your life at 55 plus communities in Ocean County, NJ. 55 plus communities in Ocean County, NJ–such as Barnegat 67–are exploring these themes at spas and retreats both local to our home state and abroad. Spas and retreats are so much more than what most people think of. There are plenty of different types of spas and retreats—all with different focuses—to allow you to get whatever you want out of them. You can visit a spa with your partner for a romantic experience, or perhaps plan a lady’s trip for the ultimate bonding adventure. A spa or retreat can also be a wonderful family reunion and can also serve as a place where kids can swim and soak up some fun while parents and grandparents can relax in hot tubs and massage rooms.

Regardless of what type of experience you are seeking, almost all spas and retreats offer physical, emotional and mental health benefits, while indulging in the ultimate in comfort and relaxation. Healthy and indulgent at the same time?! It seems too good to be true. Let’s go over the differences between spas and retreats. We’ll also discuss the benefits of treating yourself to this sort of restful luxury, and then showcase some of the best available spa and retreat locations near Ocean County.

What is a spa?

A spa is a hub for relaxation and pampering. They are places for cleansing, both physically and mentally. Massages, facials, body treatments, and soaks are plentiful. Within this world, there are so many different types and styles for treatments, that you could explore for a lifetime and always find something new. 55 plus communities in Ocean County, NJ can experience Swedish, deep tissue, myofascial release, custom facials, and microdermabrasion, amongst so many other luxurious treatments, without having to travel far. You can also easily pair these body treatments with salon services like hair and nails for a combo beauty and relaxation experience. Spas are often accessible for a day, or even a half-day trip, making it easy to work a visit into your daily life.


What is a retreat?

A retreat is all the above, plus more. A retreat is designed for more than a day trip—it is a place to truly hunker down for a few days, or even weeks. 55 plus communities in Ocean County, NJ are visiting retreats to relax and pamper themselves, but also to enjoy light leisure activities like tennis, golf, biking, swimming, and horseback riding. Overnight accommodations can range from rustic and outdoorsy to luxurious or beachfront. Food and wine are often highlights at retreats, with creative chefs making nutrition packed meals and exquisite wine to cap off the night.


What are the health benefits?

It is unfortunate that in our times, relaxation is not prioritized and often seen only as a luxury. The health benefits of relaxation are boundless. Humans are not meant to “go, go, go!” Nurturing your body is about more than just healthy food—health practices and activities are essential for ultimate health and longevity. Rest and relaxation are truly invaluable. Furthermore, since treatments at spas and retreats are generally in a one-on-one setting, you will get personalized care for your specific health needs!

Physically, the services provided at spas and retreats can offer pain relief, relieve muscle tension, calm the nervous system and the mind, detoxify through sweating in saunas, and provide overall holistic wellness. Water is a very common component of spas in many forms. Hot tubs, mineral baths, swimming pools, herbal teas, and fruit infused water beverages are some of the ways water is incorporated. Water is a very cleansing, calming, and nurturing element.

All these benefits are particularly beneficial for those who are amongst the 55 plus communities. In Ocean County, NJ and surrounding areas, the spas are sometimes paired with salons, where you can truly get a physical makeover. Certain facial treatments even help enhance a youthful aesthetic.

Mentally, spas and retreats create an ambience of peace and calm. When one decides to pamper oneself, he or she is giving themselves permission to truly feel amazing. It is a conscious decision to let troubles and problems move to the back of the mind, and welcome space to just enjoy the present moment. This self-permission, coupled with the rejuvenating treatments offered at spas and retreats, can re-wire a mental state of being to one of deep peace.

Emotionally, when one is physically and mentally in a good space, feelings of happiness, joy and contentment abound. Because spas and treatments offer holistic wellness—meaning a multi-perspective approach rather than a single-tracked one—the emotions are longer lasting. Ancient philosophy, as well as modern research, has linked the health of body and mind. Happy, positive emotions erase stress and negative thought patterns. This correlates to a healthier body. The positive emotions one experiences while they are at the spa, and the lingering feelings of renewal and peace, should not be overlooked!


Top New Jersey Spas & Retreats

Sojo Spa Club in Edgewater

A stunning panoramic roof-top Korean inspired bath house, the Sojo Spa Club stands out because of its numerous pools, hot tubs and soaks, all with different benefits. For example, their outdoor carbon-rich bath is “known to increase blood oxygen levels and improve circulation.” Their hinoki outdoor bath has a natural lemon-scented aroma from an antimicrobial and smooth oil within the bathwater. These unique soaks offer so many benefits specific to 55 plus communities. In Ocean County NJ, you will only be an hour and a half drive to this unique luxury.

Congress Hall in Cape May

An hour and a half in the opposite direction from Sojo Spa, lies the country’s oldest seaside resort known as Congress Hall. Also called the “summer White House,” Congress Hall offers ultimate relaxation coupled with leisure in an all-American provincial setting. You can sit in a rocking chair amidst their Grand Lawn, choose from one of their three nourishing and hydrating body treatments at the spa, or dine and drink at any one of their ten different diverse restaurants!

Elizabeth Arden Red Door Spa in Galloway

Located at the historic Stockton Hotel and Golf Course, this retreat can offer a full pampering at the spa, while your honey is playing their favorite game of golf. The spa offers a unique seaweed body treatment that not only helps draw out toxins, but also fully nourishes and revitalizes the skin. Hair, nails, and makeup can be a part of your custom day at the spa, as well.

Mountain Creek Resort in Vernon

Snowcapped or summer filled, this picturesque mountain resort has plenty of activities for the families of 55 plus communities. In Ocean County, NJ you can hop in the car and arrive in the mountains in just over two hours! With eight chairlifts at four different mountain peaks, you and the family can find snowboarding and skiing for all levels. Summertime offers a lively and entertaining water park, golfing at Great Gorge, and even mountain biking. Accommodations range from cozy cabins to condos. Wherever you choose to stay, you can enjoy the heated outdoor pool, hot tubs, oak bars and fireplaces, bowling alley, and delicious food!

Top Health Retreats Abroad

Sometimes, to experience deep relaxation, a perspective shift, and feelings of gratitude, we need to travel abroad. Stepping out of our familiar zone at home can be just what we need for a healthy re-set. See below for some of the most famous and enticing retreats throughout the world.

Borgo Egnazia in Puglia Italy

For the ultimate Italian countryside retreat, Borgo Egnazia offers Roman Baths, thermal scrubs, golf, and even cooking classes for a myriad of ways to relax and indulge. A cooking class in Italy can be the perfect way to indulge the senses while learning something new. Approaching the Adriatic Sea, and set amidst olive groves, this romantic get-away is a breath of fresh air.

Ananda in Narendranagar, India

Spirit seekers, yogis, and holistic health advocates will find true peace and deep healing at this resort on the other side of the world. Their body treatments stem from Ayurveda which is an ancient Indian medicine philosophy on how to live harmoniously. The personalized care can help with body pain, circulation, headaches and so much more. The setting alone—100 acres nestled in the Himalayas—is a healing experience.

SHA Wellness in Alicante, Spain

This retreat emphasizes custom health regimens perfect for those entering retirement or wanting a change in their lifestyle. They offer shiatsu, massage, hydrotherapy, reiki and much more to instill a sense of overall well-being. This wellness retreat stands out because it also offers educational classes on topics such as nutrition and sleep, so you can implement what you learn back at home.

Incorporate Calm & Relaxation into Your Life

Whether you choose to relax locally near Barnegat 67 in New Jersey, or relax across the world, make the conscious decision to relax your body, mind, and emotions. You deserve it!

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