Superb Travel Destinations for Over 55 Communities in Ocean County NJ
Over 55 Communities in Ocean County NJ

Fabulous Travel Destinations for Over 55 Communities in Ocean County NJ

While Barnegat 67 offers comfortable living for over 55 communities in Ocean County, NJ, the urge to travel is part of living. 

Besides the fact that retirees have more time to explore, vacations are part of what makes a healthy lifestyle. Many studies have shown that men who go on annual holidays are less likely to suffer a heart attack, while women who take a vacation twice a year are less likely to develop heart disease or experience depression.  Also, travel keeps seniors active and provides opportunities to move around and get out of comfort zones. 

As a senior, however, planning a trip can feel overwhelming. The uncertainties regarding what could go wrong—or fear of not having various needs met on vacation—may even stop some retirees from seeing the world. The aim is to find a vacation package that is not only senior-friendly, but also offers the kind of adventure that you are seeking. 

These senior travel tips can help prepare you and your loved ones for experiencing a stress-free trip.

Essential Considerations for Senior Travel

  • What medical facilities are available in the area you will be visiting?
  • Does the tour operator accommodate the needs of seniors?
  • Does the climate, language, and culture suit you or your health condition (if any)?

Best Travel Destinations for Seniors in the US. 

Whether you’re looking for historical sightseeing, a relaxing getaway, or an adventure in nature, the United States has an absolute abundance of holiday spots. This provides seniors living in the over 55 communities in Ocean County, NJ, with lots of opportunity for a change of scenery. 

Here are some worthy considerations:


Colorado stands out among other destinations in the US for the super active types. If you enjoy skiing, Denver provides jumping-off points for amazing slopes in the Rockies. There are also trails for hiking as well as beautiful views of the surrounding country during walks. Notable trails include the Lily Mountain trail, which takes hikers on a four-mile walk up a small mountain north of majestic Longs Peak, a 14,000-foot mountain. Another interesting spot is the Garden of the Gods in Colorado Springs. 

For city lovers, Denver offers numerous attractions. The Denver Central Market food hall is a hub for local treats, such as roast meats, sandwiches, and street tacos.


If it’s sun, open sky, and dry air you crave, consider Arizona. Home to some of the most picturesque places in the United States, Arizona is a perfect fit for either quick weekend getaways or more extended vacations. One worthy mention is the Saguaro National Park, which was built to protect the rare, giant saguaro plant, a notable symbol of the American West. Located at the heart of the Sonoran desert, this park offers a spectacular view of these giant cacti and other desert plants. 

If you are a fan of golfing, Phoenix, Arizona is home to almost two hundred golf courses, including We-Ko-Pa, Troon North, and the luxurious Gainey Ranch and Arizona Biltmore golf clubs. This perfect vacation spot is known as the Valley of the Sun. 

Other sites to explore in Phoenix include The Heard Museum with its beautiful display of Native American Art, Phoenix’s Desert Botanical garden with its array of flora and fauna, the Desert Museum in Tucson, and—of course—the Grand Canyon. 

The Carolinas

Dive into the history of the United States while experiencing the sights and sounds of Charleston, South Carolina.  There are many points of interest for history enthusiasts who want to learn about the American Revolution and the Civil War. Vacationers also get to enjoy the food market or one of the many museums across the city. Experience easy-to-access travel accommodations and the city’s famous tour services—from horse-drawn carriages to boats and tour buses.  In addition to all the city amenities and activities, you can also visit Kiawah Island, a stunning beachfront vacation on the Eastern coast of the US. 


Known as the “Show Me State”, Missouri boasts plenty of rolling green hills, intersecting rivers, rural scenery, small towns, as well as big city living. 

One of the notable holiday spots in the state is Branson, known for country music and live theatre. The city also offers lush golf courses and accessible shopping and dining. You may also enjoy visiting the many exciting attractions, such as the Titanic Museum, the World’s Largest Toy Museum Complex, the Branson Scenic Railway, and Ripley’s Believe It or Not Museum. 

Another vacation-friendly city in Missouri is Kansas City. Ranked by National Geographic as one of the Best Trips of 2019, Kansas City offers fun activities like visits to the Kansas City Zoo and Science City at Union Station. 

 The Lake of the Ozarks, home to Party Cove which hosts up to 3,000 boats annually, is another sensational spot in Missouri. The New York Times referred to Party Cove as the “oldest established permanent floating bacchanal in the country.”

Another point of attraction in Missouri is the award-winning barbeque restaurants, which you’ll find strewn across the state. 

Best International Destinations for Senior Travel



For older Americans that don’t want to travel far from home but want a change from the familiarity of over 55 communities in Ocean County, NJ, Canada is a popular destination. Top vacation spots for seniors in Canada include:

  • Montreal, Quebec: This popular tourist spot attracts up to nine million visitors a year. Most of the stations have elevator access instead of stairs. Moreover, there are lots of exciting places to visit, including The Botanical Gardens, Notre-Dame Basilica, The Montreal Museum of Fine Arts, and more. There are also numerous restaurants and lots of activities for seniors. 
  • Halifax, Nova Scotia: Looking to explore native Canada? Halifax is the place to be. This favorite spot for American retirees is an affordable summer escape. Halifax offers a quiet environment with stunning ocean views. Moreover, since Nova Scotia has a high population of seniors, the province provides activities, amenities, and accessibility needed for a senior-friendly vacation. Enjoy an exciting tour of the historic Halifax harbor and enjoy fresh seafood at the beachfront. 
  • Victoria, British Colombia: Another popular vacation spot in Canada, Victoria offers an amazing year-round adventure for seniors. An example of this is going on an Alaskan cruise. Moreover, Downtown Victoria is also wheelchair accessible. Other popular attractions in Victoria include museums, glass-bottom boat tours, and whale-watching.


England, Ireland, and Scotland

Want to get out of North America for a while, but still want to communicate easily? These European countries offer the advantage of English as the primary language—a major factor to consider when planning your vacation. These destinations also provide accessible transportation, and historical landmarks to explore. 


With its reliable cab system, adequate infrastructure, and availability of adventurous activities, Greece is a top vacation destination. Greek islands, such as Lesbos, Corfu, and Santorini, provide a quiet, Mediterranean vacation.  The calm atmosphere, restaurants, waterfront accommodations, shopping and other senior-friendly activities make Greece a perfect holiday spot for the elderly. 


Most hotels, restaurants, and attractions in Italy are accessible, making it ideal for senior travel. The museums in the Vatican City and sidewalks around the city are accessible as well. Most importantly, there are group tours with guides who can help seniors skip the lines and provide an informative travel experience. 

European Cruising

River cruising offers the opportunity to see many European cities without the stress of land travel. Moreover, this activity is ideal for seniors as ships provide amenities comparable to that of a luxurious hotel. Seniors can also enjoy views of Europe’s most popular destinations from the convenience of the deck—and with just over 100 people on board, travellers can make new friends while avoiding the large crowds found on larger cruise ships.

Senior Travel Pre-Trip Tips

Having decided the vacation destination that suits your needs, the following tips will ensure your trip is stress-free:

  • Go for a complete medical checkup before you embark on the journey, especially if you have any chronic condition. 
  • Ensure the vacation package includes activities geared towards seniors.
  • Consider a destination that will be easy to navigate, such as group trips or cruises.
  • Confirm if the vacation service accommodates special service requests for seniors.
  • Go for the most direct and shortest route to your destination. However, make allowance for layovers so you can stretch your legs, grab a meal, or use the bathroom.
  • If you’re on medications, carry them with you on the plane and set alarms on your watch or phone for easy remembrance. 
  • Ensure your documents are in order: passport, itineraries, boarding passes, insurance cards, medical contact information, and emergency contact information. 
  • Request in advance for special services that you might need. 
  • Arrange for plenty of rest breaks in your itinerary. Don’t jam-pack it for every day of your holiday.
  • Make sure your carry-on bag contains everything you need during the flight, including a medical kit. 

How to Find Accessible Vacation Rentals

For walker or wheel-chair bound seniors, it is essential to ensure that the rental apartment is accessible, as most apartments aren’t built with the seniors in mind. You don’t want to get to your vacation apartment and discover that the doorways are too narrow for wheelchairs to pass through or that the bedroom is located upstairs. 

For instance, Airbnb provides travelers with several filters when booking apartments on its website. With these options, travelers can tailor their search to fit different accessibility needs. These filters include Disabled parking lot, bathtub with shower chair, handheld showerhead, well-lit path to the home’s entrance, flat path to the door, wide hallways, accessible-height beds, and more. 

If you decide to stay in a hotel, or you can’t find an Airbnb in the town or city, call ahead to discuss your needs or that of your loved one with the hotel.

Apart from apartments, some vacation destinations are more suitable for seniors with mobility issues than others. According to Disabled Holiday, top spots for wheel-chair friendly holidays include Barcelona, Spain; Amsterdam, Netherlands; Dubai, UAE; New York City, USA; and Sydney, Australia. 

An accessible vacation helps ensure that you or your senior relative can have a stress-free holiday, especially if the senior is accustomed to the accessible living offered by the over 55 communities in Ocean County, NJ. 

In Summary

For seniors who desire a change of scenery from over 55 communities in Ocean County, NJ, planning a stress-free vacation requires certain considerations—especially for seniors with limited mobility. A little bit of proper research and planning to ensure the destination is rated well for accessibility, and to find a vacation rental that meets your needs, will get you well on your way to a fresh experience in a new land!  The best part? Coming home again to Barnegat 67!




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