These Apps Are Improving Senior Independent Living in New Jersey
Senior Independent Living in New Jersey

These Start Ups & Apps Are Improving Senior Independent Living in New Jersey

Living life independently as a senior can be both intimidating and rewarding. While it can be challenging to navigate the world with an aging mind and body, there are also so many rewards to having a life’s worth of experiences in your back pocket. And a whole new world of fresh experiences is available through senior independent living. In New Jersey there are lots of seniors settling into life as elders—while thriving and feeling comfortable. It is all about using the right support systems, knowing your goals and limits, and keeping a positive outlook on life. 

While many of the gadgets and applications of modern times can feel foreign to seniors, there is also a plethora of start-ups and apps that are designed to specially enhance the life of senior citizens. These startups and apps may seem baffling at first, but with a little patience and the support of a friend or family member, these useful tools become accessible to everyone.  There are some incredibly useful and beneficial apps and startups that will make senior living an easier and more fun world to navigate. The technologies of today are incredible and meant to be used and benefited by all!

Below is our list of the top 14 apps and startups that improve senior independent living in New Jersey. It will take a little bit of time to familiarize oneself with these tools, but once understood, the time saved and convenience make it well worth the effort.  These startups and apps range from functional tools, to fun enhancers, to health optimizers. Let’s dive right in!

Top 14 Start Ups and Apps for Senior Independent Living in New Jersey


  • Zanthion

Zanthion prides itself in predictive analysis technologies that better the life of both you and your loved ones. Through a convenient analytic sensor system, family can be alerted of changes like blood pressure, room temperature, air quality and much more. The sensor system is covertly made into jewelry, wall plugs or pouches on your belt.


  • Tricella Pillbox

An innovative technology, Tricella Pillbox is both a pillbox and a medication reminder all-in-one that significantly enhances senior independent living. In New Jersey, many seniors are enjoying this tool by connecting their smartphone to the pillbox via bluetooth. Once the phone and pillbox are set up, the app is very easy to use and ensures no missed medications. The pillbox has sensors that alert the app when a medication is taken—or not taken—to offer timely medication reminders.


  •  23andMe

23andMe is a genetic testing company used and loved by all cohorts of society. By sending in a convenient, at-home saliva test, the company will gather and report back to you with important, useful, and often compelling information. For example, you can find out your ancestral lineage along with pertinent health and trait analysis such as the likelihood for Alzheimers disease, Parkinson’s disease, food allergies like Celiac’s disease, amongst others. Because the saliva test is performed at home, 23andme is considered a wonderful and convenient tool for senior independent living in New Jersey.


  •  Cake

Difficult-to-approach topics, such as legacy ideas, funeral and memorial plans, financial and legal decisions and healthcare preferences are all navigated much easier with the help of the platform called Cake. By approaching these topics, Cake will help you layout an end-of-life plan that benefits both you and your loved ones.


  •  Eligible

Navigating the expensive world of healthcare is a pain for most people—senior citizen or not. Eligible is a wonderful start up that offers assistance in understanding and tracking your medical expenses. By preventing billing mistakes and surprise or hidden charges and fees, Eligible not only helps you monitor medical expenses, but helps with overall budgeting.


  •  Honor

Honor is an all-in-one app that makes senior independent living very manageable. It takes all of the regular house chores, daily tasks, and simple habits into account. Rather than the daily, weekly, and monthly chores feeling overwhelming, Honor helps seniors feel capable and confident in enjoying life independently. For example, Honor helps manage and keep track of transportation, light housekeeping, personal care and hygiene, medication reminders, and even groceries and meal prep. This easy to use, all-encompassing app is a must for senior independent living in New Jersey.


  • Meals on Wheels

Access to healthy food is the main focus for the company called Meals on Wheels. A friendly visit and a home delivery of a fresh and nutritious meal to seniors is the basis of what Meals on Wheels does. Grocery shopping and cooking may be challenging for some senior citizens, but that should certainly not prevent anyone from going hungry. Meals on Wheels is a network that hosts over 5,000 locally run communities throughout America. If you or a friend have access to a computer, or if you live in apartments like Barnegat 67 that has helpful staff, you can sign up for this delicious and practical program. Though Meals on Wheels is well past the start-up phase, its honorable and widespread work deserves a mention on our list for valuable resources for senior independent living in New Jersey.


  •  UberASSIST

Uber offers rides for everyone, almost everywhere. UberASSIST offers specialized assistance for those in need of a little something extra. Though they do not have wheelchair ramps or lifts, their vehicles always have space for folded up wheelchairs, scooters, or walkers. The driver also offers help to safely walk you to your seat and then back to your wheelchair, walker, or scooter.


  • Rendever

Virtual reality technology is one of the most cutting-edge components of modern technologies. For seniors with limited capacity to travel, anxiety about travel, or depression, the ability to virtually visit exotic destinations can be greatly beneficial. Rendever not only allows virtual travel around the world from the comfort of your own living room, it also offers the ability to visit special and nostalgic places of your past. Feelings of joy, excitement, and pure happiness are amazing benefits of Rendever.


  •  Papa

The startup, Papa, brings “grand-kids” on demand to inquisitive seniors. By connecting college-aged adults that want to benefit by inter-generational interaction, you can get matched with a youthful and caring adult that will not only spend time and hang out with you, but also help out with light housework, provide transportation, and offer support with technology. Besides the practical help of these “grand-kids” you will also get the benefits of enjoyable and friendly camaraderie.


  •  Gerijoy

Being dependent on family and friends for support can feel limiting if they are not always available. GeriJoy offers 24/7 care for those in need. Whether it is an emergency, a last minute appointment or simply the longing for friendship and humor, GeriJoy is here to connect you to an available friend.


  •  Hometeam

If your care is treated well, they will treat you will. The importance of valuing your help cannot be overlooked, and Hometeam ensures that everyone is well taken care of.  Both caregivers and clients receive excellent care when the caregivers are ensured full-time employment benefits, proper pay, and thorough training and coaching.


  •  Joany

Another great app for independent senior living, Joany offers customized health care services. After you input information such as health history, demographical information, and family history, Joany will best match you to the right healthcare provider and plan. Finding the right health care services can be a headache and difficult to navigate. Let Joany do the work and matching for you.


  •  TytoCare

This innovative startup company has designed a hand held device that allows seniors to receive health care right from home. Without even taking a trip to the doctor’s office, TytoCare can send important diagnostic information to your doctor. Physicians are given the necessary information to diagnose and treat minor illnesses. This service greatly benefits senior independent living around the country.

Start Slowly

Don’t feel the need to overwhelm yourself by using all these tools at once. Figure out which apps or startups would best benefit you and take the time to familiarize yourself with how to utilize them. Reach out to friends, family, and caregivers to get their advice and assistance in setting these tools up.

While all of these apps and startups do offer tremendous help to seniors, being in the right home environment is just as important. Barnegat 67 is a beautiful and comfortable active adult rental complex in New Jersey. It offers convenience, community and safety to independent seniors. Living somewhere like Barnegat 67 is the perfect complement to living an easeful life with the above mentioned tools.

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