10 Fun Things to do Around Barnegat 67 Senior Community in Ocean County NJ

Ocean County, New Jersey is full of adventure and wonders for the young and young at heart. Whether you’re looking for a new quiet spot to read or your next thrill, here are a few places you won’t want to miss.

Enjoy the outdoors

Cloverdale Farm County Park

As the warmer weather starts to trickle in, you just may find yourself with the urge to venture outside our quiet senior community in Ocean County, NJ to see what changes the warm weather brings. For those who love the sound of songbirds, a visit to Cloverdale Farm County Park would make a great day out. Cloverdale Farm County Park is a restored cranberry farm that’s bursting with song birds, trails to wander down, and beauty to behold. Whether you decide to walk the trails or simply sit and birdwatch, you’ll be amazed by it’s breath-taking scenery. Visitors have reporting seeing great horned owls and red headed woodpeckers, to name a few.

Popcorn Park Zoo

Embrace your inner child and head to the Popcorn Park Zoo to spend a day with animals from around the world. Don’t be fooled, this isn’t your typical zoo. At Popcorn Park Zoo they offer a sanctuary for animals that have a hard life and need a place that can care for their special needs. With over 200 animals, there’s plenty to see and experience. Each exhibit is home to an animal who’s eager to share their story with you, and if you stop by the farm animals, they’re sure to come forward  for a treat. Whether you go by yourself or invite the family, you’ll be smitten with this zoo instantly.

Indoor adventures

Albert Music Hall

Ask any local where to find the best live music close to our senior community in Ocean County NJ and they’re likely to recommend the Albert Music Hall. One visit and it’s easy to see why is a favorite with visitors of all ages. The 6,000 square foot building is dedicated to the preservation and enjoyment of country and bluegrass music. The atmosphere is filled with rustic charm and the music hall houses plenty of seating. It’s the perfect place to enjoy live music with family and friends at a very affordable price.

Ocean Professional Theater Company

There’s nothing like the thrill of seeing a live play at the Ocean Professional Theater Company. With a lively and talented cast of actors and musicians, this is an attraction you’ll be talking about for years. Watch in wonder as local talent of all ages bring you Broadway level entertainment. Visitors can’t stop raving about the quality of the shows and the atmosphere of the theater. Visit today and see the magic for yourself.

Close to home

Rooftop entertainment

Having a great time doesn’t always mean going out. At Barnegat 67, a senior community in Ocean County NJ, we’ve made sure there’s plenty to enjoy close by. The roof top lounge at Barnegat 67 is a fantastic place to take in a movie under the stars at the outdoor theater/screening area.

Invite sunshine to the table

One of the many perks of warmer weather is being able to dine under blue skies and sunshine. At Barnegat 67 you can do just that, thanks to the outdoor grilling and dining area. This incredible lounge area was designed with comfort and accessibility in mind. Take in the scenery in comfort as you relax in comfortable seating.

If you enjoy sitting around a camp fire, you’ll love chatting with friends and family around the firepit, too.

Explore even more

Eno’s Pond County Park

This park is truly one of New Jersey’s hidden gems. Eno’s Pond County Park is a delightful spot to get away from the hustle of the city. The walking paths are well groomed and suitable for walking on foot and riding, perfect for a stroller (if you want to bring the grandkids) or for motorized wheels. If you aren’t in the mood for exercise, take advantage of the observation deck. It overlooks the lake that is often home to herring and turtles. It’s the ideal spot to let the grandkids play and to have a relaxing picnic afterwards. No matter how old you are, there’s sure to be something that brings a smile to your face.

Barnegat Historical Society’s Heritage Village

Immerse yourself in Barnegat’s maritime history at the Barnegat Historical Society’s Heritage Village. The village consists of four building that each capture a time in history that’s long forgotten. Visit the Lippincott-Faulkenburg House for a peek into maritime life in the 18th century. The house is decorated with historic furnishings and showcases exhibits about the area’s culture and people.

Check out the butcher shop, dating back to 1800, to see historic artifacts about how the locals lived. According to the Barnegat Historical Society, “The Butcher Shop recreates the history of commerce and agriculture. It was built with lumber that was salvaged from the old lightkeepers’ house that was located next to the historic Barnegat Lighthouse.”

The Edwards House is a historic home that the Barnegat Historical Society takes great pride in. Not only does it hold priceless memorabilia and artifacts of the townships, it also serves as the research library for the town’s history.

Adventures with the Grandkids

Looking for a place to have fun with the grandkids? Check out these unique kid-friendly attractions near Barnegat 67, senior community in Ocean County, NJ.

Garden State Discovery Museum 

It’s easy to create new memories at the Garden State Discovery Museum. This incredible museum is bursting with activities for kids twelve years old and younger. Inside you’ll finds crafts and exhibits that take creating to a whole new level. Each area is built to ignite your imagination and encourage new discoveries. No matter what your grandkids are into, there’s sure to be an area to keep them engaged for hours.

The Blueberry Factory

Explore life on a blueberry farm firsthand at The Blueberry Factory. Their tours teach visitors all about life on a blue berry farm and why Hammonton is the self-proclaimed blueberry capital of the world.

Battleship New Jersey

Get hands-on with a real battleship at Battleship New Jersey! This is definitely a once in a life time experience for history lovers of all ages. The outside tour takes you back in time as you learn about the ship, how it got there, and what life was like for those who lived and worked on this amazing ship. For those who would rather not venture inside the ship, there’s a man deck tour to enjoy.

The tour is more than just a walk around the ship, visitors can go inside the battleship! Here’s where the fun begins. A series for ladders and passageways take you throughout the ship for a truly interactive tour. While inside, visitors can sit in the very chair that Admiral Halsey gave orders from, pretend they’re a sailor in the bunks and even climb inside a six-teen foot gun turret. While having fun and exploring the battleship, you’ll learn about its rich history.

Adventure Aquarium

This is the perfect place to see the ocean from a whole new perspective. Here you aren’t just looking at the ocean, you’re experiencing it! Their vibrant displays let you learn about your favorite ocean creatures and see them up close. In some areas you can even touch a shark! If you’re feeling brave, walk under the 550,000-gallon shark time and instantly be immersed in life amongst these misunderstood creatures.

Head over to the Little Blue Beach for some time with penguins. The penguin area was specially designed to give you the closest view possible to these chilly wonders. Take some time and see what life as a penguin is all about; you just may make a new friend.

Monmouth Battlefield State Park

For those who love history and being outside, you’ll fall in love with Monmouth Battlefield State Park.  A visit here is like taking a step back in time. The state park is the actual location of one of the largest battles in the American Revolution.

The state park has carefully preserved a way of life and the history of those who occupied this area in the 18th century. It even boasts an impressive Revolutionary war farmhouse on the property. As the guide takes you on a tour, you’ll learn all about the rich and colorful history of the land and the people.

Depending on the time of year, visitors can pick fruit from the orchard as a sweet treat. The farm has been run by a local family since 1908 with great pride. They love to show children where some of their favorite foods may come from.

From winding paths to plays and penguins, there are amazing attractions near Barnegat 67, senior community in Ocean County NJ, waiting for you. We hope that while you’re here, you check a few of these places off of your must-see list.

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